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What Is Radical Management?sm

Radical Managementsm is a way of managing organizations that generates at the same time high productivity, continuous innovation, deep job satisfaction and customer delight. Radical Managementsm is fundamentally different from the traditional management prevalent in large organizations today.

The principles of Radical Managementsm help business leaders to build valuable organizations in a world of rapid change and intense global competition.

The principles of Radical Managementsm are:

- A shift in goal from making money for shareholders to delighting customers through continuous innovation.
- A shift in the role of managers from controlling individuals to enabling self-organizing teams.
- A shift in the way work is coordinated from bureaucracy to dynamic linking.
- A shift in values from a preoccupation with efficiency to a broader set of values that will foster continuous innovation.
- A shift in communications from top-down commands to horizontal communications.

While none of these elements individually is new, what is new is doing all of them together as an integrated approach.

Radical Managementsm was unveiled initially in my personal blog in 2010 and then my book, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management, which was published in October 2010.

I have been blogging in a column on Forbes entitled Radical Management: Rethinking Leadership and Innovation on a daily basis since January 2011,

Radical Managementsm is being promoted through the following activities, now under way or being planned:

- workshops, conferences, webinars, seminars, training, symposia and other gatherings about Radical Managementsm.
- books, articles, blogs, newsletters, guides and templates about Radical Managementsm.
- websites, wikis, apps, and other electronic modes of communicating Radical Managementsm.
- television and radio appearances, podcasts and webcasts about Radical Managementsm.
- prizes, awards and certification and recognition for practitioners of Radical Managementsm.
- performance criteria and standards about Radical Managementsm.

Articles abour Radical Management

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