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More and more organizations are realizing that stability and predictability are no longer reasonable assumptions. In fact the number one problem of today's managers is the difficulty in getting their organizations to adapt to a competitive environment that is neither stable nor predictable.

More and more organizations are realizing that storytelling can communicate complex new ideas and spark energetic action towards their implementation.

More and more organizations are realizing that storytelling is one of the few tools available for accomplishing a major transformation of the habits and culture of a whole group of people in short period of time.

More and more organizations are realizing that successful branding, marketing and selling depends on connecting and engaging with clients, which in turn depends on is founded on authentic storytelling.

More and more organizations are realizing that storytelling is just the beginning. Beyond storytelling lies narrative intelligence -- an ability to navigate the quicksilver world of interacting narratives, as discussed in Steve's new book, The Secret Language of Leadership.

Organizations are also recognizing that learning how to use business narrative doesn't involve elaborate expenditures or lengthy training. It can be mastered by a wide variety of individuals in a short period of time, because it draws on the latent capacity for storytelling that all human beings possess.

More and more organizations are realizing that their future is going to depend in part on the capability of their managers and staff to harness the power of storytelling.

Preview a workshop : videos and public workshops

You can get a preliminary initial idea of Steve's work from his videos and DVDs, as well as in open workshops held from time to time in various capitals around the world. That can help give you a sense of what your organization can gain from having a workshop tailored to your specific business priorities.

A workshop tailored to your specific needs

You can arrange for Steve to come to your organization and work with your staff on-site to unlock the immense potential of storytelling to meet your organizational objectives.

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A workshop might comprise Steve's involvement at five different levels, depending on the organization's needs::
  • - a two-hour presentation and a discussion; or
  • a half-day workshop
  • a full-day workshop
  • a two-day workshop, aimed at exploring
  • a comprehensive communications support over a period of several weeks
  • The workshop should focus on whatever high priority challenges the organization is currently facing.

    That might include all or any of the following:

  • to learn the secret language of leadership, discovering how to incorporate storytelling and other communication techniques into a presention that can move even cynical or skeptical audiences, including the four steps of the language of the leadership, and the six enabling conditions.
  • to learn the art and discipline of springboard storytelling, using a simple ten-step template, to communicate complex ideas and spark enthusiasm in staff within the organization;
  • showing staff involved in branding, marketing and selling how to use the power of business narrative to connect and engage with customers.
  • launching knowledge management, using storytelling to transferr knowledge, both explicit and tacit; and cultivating knowledge sharing communities;
  • enhancing collaboration and getting people working together, inclinding accelerating collaboration in mergers and acquisitions;
  • disarm negative stories and tame the grapvine with stories;
  • show the way forward with stories about the future

  • The benefits of such workshops depend of course on how time participants are able to devote to learning the elements of business narrative. The following outcomes are typical:

  • participants develop an understanding of the potential importance of storytelling and the role of business narrative in leadership communication.
  • participants significantly enhance their skills at in the use of business narrative to engage and connect with audiences.
  • participants have exposure to various types of storytelling, and depending on the amount of time invested, develop capability to use these types of story.

  • In addition, it needs to be recognized that storytelling's effectiveness depends not only on our intellect, but also our emotions, our creativity, and our willingness to renew ourselves. Storytelling elicits genuine authenticity in the storyteller as well as the listener. So at one level, storytelling is a tool, but it inevitably ends up as being more than that. It involves a fundamental rethinking of how to go about communicating in any setting.

    Steve Denning has given these workshops in major organizations in the public and private sector in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

    If you would be interested in having such a workshop in your organization, then contact Steve here

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