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Sonnets 2000

Published in September 2000 by iUniverse

A book by Stephen Denning
Paperback, 60 pages

Sonnets 2000 is a collection of sonnets, classical in form, and contemporary in idiom. They display a sharp-edged humor that is deadly serious in intent. They show what it is to live and love, on the cusp of a new millennium.

For evil to triumph: Sonnet #9
Far from the abstract harmonies of art: Sonnet #22
The poetry of complaint: Sonnet #5
The poetry of nostalgia: Sonnet #17
The poetry of praise: Sonnet 18
The poetry of romance: Sonnet #36
The poetry of originality: Shakespeare's Sonnet #76
What is a sonnet?
Petrarch's love sonnets
Elizabethan sonnet: Philip Sidney.aspx
Shakespeare's sonnets
Quotations on poetry

Table of first lines:

1. Shall I compare you to an autumn mist?
2. Shall I compare you to the winter’s snow?
3. Shall I compare you to the blooms of spring?
4. Shall I compare you to a summer’s day?
5. In this imperfect world, where pain, disease
6. Like a child dismantling a clock to find
7. I do not know where the urge to converse
8. No man is a hero to his valet,
9. For evil to triumph, it is enough
10. From all vacations, we expect respite
11. This damned disease, this passion for the dance!
12. The citadel of the intelligent
13. Anemones are delicate creatures
14. Breathless, I plunge headlong into those depths,
15. Can you not see in these fractured phrases
16. In these dim inarticulate scribblings
17. Long before we learn how short and forlorn
18. In each great leader’s life comes that moment
19. This house, created so passionately
20. With all the endless power that men enjoy
21. Let not beauty be confused with simple
22. Far from the abstract harmonies of art,
23. I once conceived myself to be in love
24. I will forego mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres
25. I’ve done my utmost to love ugliness
26. I have fallen for big tall bouncy blondes,
27. It’s not the belons or the haute cuisine
28. Let’s forego poems needing footnotes,
29. No, man is not the measure of all things.
30. An inclination towards lingerie
31. A man must live in Paris with panache.
32. We live our lives in rituals for our gods.
33. When we consider where the millennium
34. We had approached it with unbounded hope,
35. It is in part a satisfactory life.
36. For the length of a lazy afternoon

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