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Newsletter of December 26, 2010

Revolutionizing the World of Work

Warm season's greetings to you!

Three days ago, I published a post entitled  "My New Year's Resolutions". As anyone who read it soon realized, it was actually a retrospective of my life in leadership storytelling over the last ten years  and a manifesto for the coming ten years, aimed at transforming the world of work. I invited people to contact me if they shared my vision.

Despite the distractions of the holiday season, a lot of people did contact me offering to help and so I have launched a Google Group, entitled "Revolutionizing the World of Work".

The object of the Group is:

•     inspiring business, government & social sector organizations to reinvent themselves & create a work-world of life-enhancing practices & values
•     launching a broad social movement that uses storytelling to capture people’s imagination that inspires organizations to become curators of the human spirit.

The group will be serve as an interchange of views and ideas on how to revolutionize the workplace. For example, I have just submitted a draft there for comment entitled, "HBR: How Not To Fix Capitalism."

You can join the group by going to Google Groups at

Please join us there and help us revolutionize the world of work!

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