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Newsletter of December 30, 2010

Leading Change? Start with the heart


People are always asking me:
how they can possibly change
their workplace when the forces
in favor of the status quo seem
so oblivious of the need for change,
so confident that what they are
doing now is right, so entrenched
and resistant, so skeptical of change?
One clue is that you lead the mind
starting with the heart.

This ties in with an video by
Professor Julian Birkinshaw
of the London Business School
who says: Yes, you can stage your
own management revolution!

Taking Julian's advice to heart, I issued
my own revolutionary manifesto
disguised as a New Year's Resolution.
It received a strongly positive response.
As a result, I set up an online discussion
group called "Revolutionizing the World
of Work
. It now has 78 members and a
number of interesting discussions have
already started. The focus is practical:
helping people make the revolution
happen sooner. You can join the

Why do women understand and cope with
the coming revolution better than men?
Find out

A warning sign that the revolution is
not far off: 84% of workers plan to quit
their job in 2011
. When most jobs suck, that's
a big problem for employers, workers and
politicians. Read more here.

For employers, the challenge is: make talent
your obsession. See Ram Charan's
interesting new book.

For governments, a fascinating global overview
of the ongoing efforts to spark the revolution

And continuing the series on the most
beautiful blogs, fonts, statistics, etc in the
the most beautiful bridge in the world.


Hope our paths cross soon,



 PS Don't forget to register for my webcast on
reinventing management on January 11.
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Watch the video
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the World
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