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Newsletter of September 27, 2010

Recognize a leader in your life

Is there someone in your workplace or community who is exercising leadership that is worthy of the 21st Century? Are they getting the recognition they deserve? You can give them a shot in the arm by telling their story at and giving them the recognition that is their due.

What happens then? will email your story to the person you've recognized and post it on the website. The email will cite the story you have written and also invite that person to pay it forward and recognize a leader that they know. In my experience so far, the "Wow!" effect on the person being recognized is pretty amazing and the nice feedback they give back to you is also quite a thrill.

You can watch a 2 minute video about Recognize a Leader here..

How to do you reinvent management? Interview with Julian Birkinshaw: Reinventing Management (Jossey-Bass, 2010) is a path-breaking book. It begins by explaining why management failed. The problems of management are not the result any single decision, or manager or industry. Rather the problems are systemic and go way back in time. The result of the failure is that managers are not respected; employees are unhappy; and there are no positive role models. Julian talks about what can be done about it here.

How do you engage in conversations for change?: Whether you're trying to motivate a team, negotiate a contract, make a sale, ask for a raise, land a new job, or terminate an employee, the conversations you have will either help you succeed or undermine your goals. I had an interview with An interview with Shawn Kent Hayashi about her new book, Conversations for Change. Read the interview here.

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